Swing Trading Calls For Swing Traders

Swing Trading Calls For Swing Traders

Avg Profit/Trade

₹ 2,315/-


71.24 %

Low Risk
Moderate Return
Min Inv: 1,00,000/-

5-10 Swing Momentum Stocks in a Week
Stocks for swing momentum
Suitable for Swing traders
Traders should trade all the calls for good returns
The service process is based on Profit Calls

Rationale: Technical breakouts with price volume action, moving average crossover and momentum

Pricing Plan


  • Total Calls : 500
  • Net Profit : ₹ 4,18,423/-
  • Profitable Calls : 342
  • Total Profit : ₹ 7,54,083/-
  • Loss Calls : 158
  • Total Loss : ₹ -3,35,660/-

Frequently Asked Questions

Bank Nifty is an index representing the performance of 12 major banking companies in India. It's crucial for traders as it provides real-time insights into the banking sector's performance, which is a significant part of the Indian economy. Understanding Bank Nifty helps assess sector performance and offers intraday trading opportunities.
Streetgains offers over seven years of expertise in Bank Nifty Options, experienced professionals, and a disciplined approach to trading. We provide insights into macro sectors, offer one to two daily calls with a high accuracy rate, and focus on risk management to help you navigate Bank Nifty's high volatility.
Trading Bank Nifty options with Streetgains provides you with expertise in handling volatility, macro sector insights, one to two calls a day, disciplined trade management, and a focus on lag-caps and mid-caps. We prioritize capital preservation and offer regular updates for a well-rounded trading experience.
Bank Nifty has a strong correlation of 0.88 with the Nifty, meaning they often move in the same direction. Understanding this correlation is crucial for gauging overall market sentiment and making informed trading decisions.
Streetgains provides expert insights, effective risk management strategies, and a unique approach that integrates market psychology and individual stock performance. With over a decade of experience in Indian markets, we empower traders to make better entry and exit decisions and trade Bank Nifty with confidence.