Value and Growth Stocks for medium term Investors

Value and Growth Stocks for medium term Investors

Avg Profit/Trade

₹ 3,810/-


69.87 %

Low Risk
Moderate Return
Min Inv: 1,00,000/-

5-10 Value Stocks in a Month
Fundamentally researched Value Stocks
Suitable for medium-term investors
Investors should invest equally in all stocks
The service process is based on Profit Calls

Rationale: Technical breakouts with price volume action, moving average crossover, and momentum

Pricing Plan


  • Total Calls : 500
  • Net Profit : ₹ 4,27,357/-
  • Profitable Calls : 332
  • Total Profit : ₹ 7,90,870/-
  • Loss Calls : 168
  • Total Loss : ₹ -3,63,513/-

Frequently Asked Questions

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