Intraday Index Futures Segment Trading Calls for F&O Traders

Intraday Index Futures Segment Trading Calls for F&O Traders

Avg Profit/Trade

₹ 4,340/-


77.09 %

Moderate Risk
Moderate Return
Min Inv: 50,000/-

1-2 Intraday Index Futures calls per day
Stocks are selected based on Technical Parameters
Suitable for short-term small traders for quick money
Traders should trade all the calls for good returns
The service process is based on Profit Calls

Rationale: Technical breakouts with price volume action with Open Interest

Pricing Plan


  • Total Calls : 500
  • Net Profit : ₹ 9,41,532/-
  • Profitable Calls : 362
  • Total Profit : ₹ 12,92,000/-
  • Loss Calls : 138
  • Total Loss : ₹ -3,50,468/-

Frequently Asked Questions

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