Trading Calls In MCX-Commodity Segment

Trading Calls In MCX-Commodity Segment

Avg Profit/Trade

₹ 2,288/-


74.13 %

Moderate Risk
High Return
Min Inv: 50,000/-

1 -2 MCX Trading calls per day
Gold, Crude, and Nickel/Copper
Suitable Commodity traders for quick money
Traders should trade all the calls for good returns
The service process is based on Profit Calls

Pricing Plan


  • Total Calls : 500
  • Net Profit : ₹ 10,37,740/-
  • Profitable Calls : 343
  • Total Profit : ₹ 14,94,590/-
  • Loss Calls : 157
  • Total Loss : ₹ -4,56,850/-

Frequently Asked Questions

Multibagger stocks are shares of companies that can generate returns multiple times higher than their acquisition cost, offering substantial profits to investors.
Companies issuing Multibagger stocks typically possess advanced research and development skills, demonstrate market dominance, and exhibit high growth potential, often with strong financial management.
Streetgains, as a multibagger stock tips provider carefully selects a portfolio of 10-15 Multibagger stocks in a year, offering diversified investments for long-term wealth creation with a competitive pricing plan.
Streetgains employs a data-driven approach, considering technical parameters like the weekly RSI, Stochastic indicators, MACD crossovers, and the highest volume in the last 15 days to identify stocks with the highest potential for multifold returns.
Streetgains offers a pricing plan of 45 Profit Calls at Rs. 90,000, making it an affordable and high-value investment for long-term investors.