Research Credits

Introducing for the first time in Indian Stock Market Research,
Credits based research system that you pay only for winning trades and save on losing trades

10 key differences between the traditional research firms and the all new Credits based Research from Streetgains


Comparative Points Traditional Research (Industry leaders) Credits based Research (Streetgains)
Clients segment HNI and Normal Every trader is equally important
Service validity Based on dates (Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annually & Annually) Based on Credits (We deduct credits only for Profitable calls)
Service charges High, charging based on Normal & HNI Low, since you pay only for Targets
Service segments Very complicated to attract traders Easy and understandable based on client’s preference
Performance report Manipulated records, Updates after a months’ time Honest showcase of all trades instantly, Updated everyday
Research tact’s Very small 3-4 targets, sometimes stocks are not even tradable for MIS margin Rewardable 1-2 targets, Stocks are tradable.
Number of services More with an objective of acquiring more Clients for every service Less with well-defined services which are suitable for every trader
Research Mode SMSs, unofficial social media channels App Notifications, Condition based SMSs for backup
Updating notifications Either forwarding SMSs & two-sided calls In-house research, one sided view based on market action. Instant Notification & follow-ups
Business process Single entity with multiple business names & unofficial websites Single business name, official website and all payments are secured

Let's change how Indian stock market research works, and make every retail trader a proud wealth creator

Credits are the amount of profitable trades; in other words, it is the balance of successful stock & commodities research. Whenever there is a successful call (in other terms the profitable stock or commodity tips) is sent to the trader, there will be a deduction of ONE Credit from the main balance.

Assume that, Mr. Santhosh has purchased 100 credits for the service CASH INTRADAY. Once his service is active, he will be availing stock recommendations with Entry, Target and Stop loss.
In the above case, if the recommended stock hits the Target, then there will be a deduction of 1 Credit from his main credit balance.

Example: Cash Intraday: Buy INFOSYS @ 1000, Target 1: 1015, Target 2: 1035, Stop loss: 990
If the recommend stock hits target 1 @ 1015, then there is a deduction of 1 Credit. If the recommended stock hits Stop loss @ 990, then there is NO deduction of any credit from his main Credit balance.

Thought behind Research Credits

Indian retail traders are facing an issue with the existing traditional research service providers. There are bunch of unregistered Research firms in the country with their business names changing day by day. Traders and Investors are becoming like Gamblers shifting from one Research firm to another very frequently. The stressed trader and investor are losing faith in the existing Research providers for the reason best known to them. Since the trader is bound to the timeframe (Service expiry) of his/her opted services irrespective of profitable trades. Also, they end up paying high for unsuccessful calls. they have not taken the responsibility of the burden of loss making or stop loss hit research recommendations, hence irrespective of success or failure, the traders and investors have suffered by stop-loss calls with high Research fee.
To address this issue, we have scaled up to reach the entire nation with "Credits based Research" system. In other words, we call it as "Pay Us only when You make Profit".


What are Research Credits

Research credits are successful & profitable Research services

Credits are deducted only when the given trade hits Target (target 1), and Target 2 is a bonus and no credit is charged

No, if the given trade hits a stop-loss, the credit balance remains unchanged

Similar to that of Research on timeframes (monthly, quarterly, etc.,), but here we keen only Research Credits and not Months.

Your services will be active till you have at least ONE Credit for your Service, the moment your Credit balance becomes Zero, your service is expired.

You can view your Research Credits of each services you have subscribed in your PROFILE section of the Mobile App

Similar to that of subscription, go to Subscribe section on your App or Website and you can avail the services

You will be notified once your Credits balance hits 5 or less

Kindly text to our official WhatsApp @ 9900391006 and allow us some time to look into and solve

We highly recommend not to ask for stopping your services, it creates service interruption due to automated Credits system

It is highly recommended not to do so, because once the service is activated, it is linked to the Mobile number you provided or used to download Mobile App. Since there is no requirement of changing your Mobile number as the Mobile App notifies on availability on Internet

No, we are absolutely stopping SMS updates, since it is facing an issue of Network coverage and the operator

Your Mobile App notifies on top of the mobile screen, kindly ensure the settings of your mobile is allowed to receive notifications. The notification makes a notification tone for every update from Streetgains

Yes, you can update your profile details in the PROFILE section of the App

Not necessarily, unless you are logged out from the App manually.

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