Why traders lose money in markets?

Why traders lose money in markets?

There are certain group of traders who wish to make money in markets every time, that’s alright. But the same group of traders do not know how to make decent returns even after providing good research recommendations.

Following are some of the critical points that everyone needs to address.

  1. Failure to enter

We found that many traders do not enter into a trade as they see price difference of recommended price and market price. Let me put it this way, if the share prices are constant (means not at all moving higher or lower) then probably everyone can enter at the price that we recommend. But they must understand that the prices of stocks are not constant.

Solution: we advise to enter the price looking at the Trade Book in a momentum

  1. Failure to book profits

We found that there are many traders ask us to whether book profits or to hold. And when the position turns into loss, they send us the loss report

Solution: Remember “Booking Profits in market is important “not having notional profits

  1. Failure to take all recommendations

There are some traders, who believe that small amount is enough to trade in markets. they take one position of their choice (So called great Analysts) out of many recommendations and their choice of trade will turn into loss.

Solution: As a trader, one must have sufficient capital to take the advantage of Recommendations. Even if one misses, other recommendations will land them into profits

  1. Failure to take losses

It is quite common psychology of every trader that they do not wish to book losses even after stop loss got triggered.

Solution: the disciplined trader will always keep the Stop loss with 50 paisa to 1-Rupee difference below our stop loss and exit positions when it hits. Follow given stop losses on all the segments strictly

  1. Failure to gauge the momentum

We found that traders do not take the momentum trades as they fear to book loss with that position

Solution: whenever there is a momentum trades, it is to enter into the position quickly, we advise to enter into the trade as quick as possible

  1. Expectation of all the recommendations to be in profits

Solution: NOT POSSIBLE. Probably it is an imagination of a trader.


Santhosh Kumar V

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  1. I would have to agree. I relate to my mistakes and not making profits where I could have. It’s a learning and early we get the better trader or investor we can be. Thanks for sharing.

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