The mother of all trades

The mother of all trades

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Ladies & Gentlemen,

Its something which I am personally not happy with the recent ( last 1 week ) performance in some segments of our research . I was just asking my team about the same . They are well equipped with all the available sources of information, but still not up to my expectations. The recent Volatility in the Markets have its own advantages as well as disadvantages . I was just curious to know the markets action in the best possible way . I found something unusual .

Honestly, this is the first time in our research journey , we faced some unusual behavior of markets . Everyone is speaking something about markets ( true or untrue doesn’t matter ). We even received a caution from one of the leading Brooking houses that recently initiated a big buy on markets . That is not sufficient enough to stop Us from making our efforts to safeguard our Subscribers (Clients ). So, I thought of instructing my Research Team about the next steps in our Journey. I honestly wanted to talk to everyone of you, but due to time constraint, I am writing here , as follows.

  1. It will be limited number of trades till the markets settle-down properly
  2. There will not be any high risk recommendations
  3. They are very patient enough to identify a good trade
  4. No carry fwd recommendations unless they are sure upto 80%
  5. Take care of Risk Management in every segment of research that we generate

My sincere request in everyone of You

  1. Do not force Us to provide research
  2. Nobody can buy all the stocks that are moving higher & nobody can sell all the stocks that are moving lower
  3. Never ask our team about any correction in targets & stop-losses unless it is something wrong in the update
  4. Be patient to trade good , never lose your confidence in our research , follow it properly
  5. we are better even at this stage, only thing is to execute our research plans according to market conditions.
  6. trade limited quantity always
  7. Be ready to take the Losses , then only you are very courageous to take Profits

After all the above , I still confident that WE together are stronger than any Advisory service provider in the Country . They may win today & tomorrow . But we are winning since form past 6-7 years consistently . Be with Us, you will definitely see big difference in your earnings .

I understand the pain of losing hard earned money , so only I advised my team to provide / continue the existing Discount price for renewals and subscriptions . Its now or never , you will see a big surprise soon . Choice is yours to opt Us or to stay away from Us.

You will see the mother of all research soon..,

Happy trading,

Santhosh Kumar V


One thought on “The mother of all trades

  1. It takes real commitment to come out with a letter like this. I highly appreciate your sincerity. We look forward for the sunny days!!

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