I heard some of the traders trade the very 1st trade in Markets , and if the First trade gives profits , they take the next one and otherwise they blame the markets or the research service.

I understand that , their point is valid if only ONE Stock to trade in markets , but that is not the case. When I was trading for the very first time in Markets , I was all doing the same gambling on a single stock as if it is the only Stock to be loved and proposed on every 14th Feb. I wonder where did these traders learn an Unprofessional trading . I advise those who depend only on ONE trade to change the trading psychology to make a good and decent returns .

I came across an another set of traders, very emotional as if they are from MOON . I respect their emotions personally but professionally I do not. I always encourage my team to give the best trades with certain amount of risk involved ( Without risk , no Money ). They tried and trying their best even during Volatile market conditions.

There are set of Traders ,

They want all the trades to give profit ( Not possible even to markets )

They want the very 1st trade to give profit ( They must stay away from Trading )

They want exact entry and exit trades ( Markets are not Static, dynamic , Price varies as it is LIVE )

They want JACKPOT calls ( Only POT will be left in the end )

They want someone else to trade in their account ( Unprofessional and not advisable, do not believe even your own shadow )


So many like this, but I have some valid advise , hope you will take it in a positive way

  1. Never expect all the trades to give Money
  2. Do not expect exact entry and exit , since price is a variable , always go with the trend
  3. Avoid falling in Love with only one trade , take positions 2-3 as it diverges risk
  4. jackpot is not there, under such cases all our trades are jackpot only
  5. Do not beg for someone to handle your account . Avoid intraday trading in such cases , take our Long term investment plans VALUE, GROWTH STOCKS and invest regularly .
  6. More over, TRUST is important . No comments on a single day performance . Try for 30 days ( with all the above points in mind )

I am planning to come up with a Webinar soon in order to educate you all in the line of Intraday trading.



Santhosh Kumar V


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