Stock market is on fire, are YOU ?

Stock market is on fire, are YOU ?

The stock market is on fire. Stocks are on substantial gains with all front line stocks leading the markets . The timing of markets are really good, but the question is that are you into markets or not.

I have a real case study of a client, that he always asks for an HNI recommendations. I kept saying him all the time that if markets are Bullish, even a beggar on streets feel like an HNI. It happened recently that one of our new customer called to our team and asked for ” Sure- shot ” recommendation. I answered my team and suggested to pass the info , that to buy a ticket to an IPL and bet on any player that he will ” surely” hit a Century . Its quite argumentative, right ?

I take another real-time analysts ( so called No.1 ) performance to make traders belie that they have a ” Sure shot” or ” HNI ” calls .

Notice the Target prices given. You have the clue on how to generate a 100% accuracy research and ” HNI” recommendations.

The same way you can see another No.2 advisory of India. Look at the entry and targets and how these people are fooling an innocent retail traders.

What you are missing ? I will show you …

You can check the difference by your self.

Do not subscribe to our Services , we are professional analysts who serve only professional traders.

My challenge is , take our services if you are a professional trader , avoid if you want ” HNI ” and ” Jack Pot ” calls . We do not serve Ants , we serve Elephants .

What issues you may face??

  1. Price is not matching ( Remember, market prices are not constant , we select trades that have high momentum )
  2. There are some trades go into losses ( if you are in markets not to lose money, my best suggestion is to stay away from markets )
  3. You may sometimes miss the trade ( wait for the next best trade )

Final words from my side ,

Stop watching markets moving higher and others making money . You start making the next Billion in markets . Enough of stories and commitments . Leave your research stress on Streetgains, you sit and relax ( your job is only Execution of trades )

We are making early elections festival in markets . Come and join Us.

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Your ever well wisher,

Santhosh Kumar V

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