Should I trade in the Markets Now?

Should I trade in the Markets Now?

Dear Investors and traders, 

I understand that the markets are not doing well “according to you” in a situation like an expected outbreak of COVID-19 across the globe. India is not an exception, and so we are. Let me put up some points for your understanding 

The facts 

  • Stock markets are falling every day without even giving a chance to make any analysis 
  • Indian markets are Volatile – same with even other world Markets 
  • Investors – especially those who bought stocks at a higher price are now worried about their Investment portfolio
  • Markets may or may not fall further- which is unknown as of now

YOUR LIMITED KNOWLEDGE ON MARKETS is not giving you good advice

Your thinking is wrong, like…

  • Markets are not good so we should not trade
  • Who said this ?? are you an Analyst? or do you want to be like a big institutional buyer?
  • Its none of your business to simply sit and comment on how markets are behaving unless you are an advisor and want to comment on markets. 
  • As a trader, your job is to go with the markets, let it go 10000 points up or 100000 points down. 
  • Remember that, if you are an Intraday trader, your job is only Buying and Selling both sides. Let the market go up or come down. You can still make money.
  • In fact, I love to trade during bear markets as I can make huge money with limited trades – especially on the selling side. 
  • Simply do not avoid trading in markets just because markets are falling. So, what if markets are falling? your job is simply trading on the sell-side. 

Word of caution from me, 

Avoid huge positions

 I have seen many traders take overnight high qty, and suffer losses during markets volatility 

I suggest traders not to carry overnight positions unless it is advised from our end, also with no extra or huge qty. Since we have a team to understand the Risk Management, all the recommendations that we give are well balanced with the risk process. 

CONCLUSION: You don’t have to worry about what markets doing or to predict the markets, the job is left to the team of analysts. If you still say that the Markets are not good now/ or stable- then probably you are not going to make any money in the stock market ever. 

The only thing that you should know, is, Markets are not good for Investing for a longer period since nobody knows the exact bottom. Hence, we also have stopped giving any INVESTMENT stock recommendations to our clients. 

But for traders, every day is a good day only. 

Start Trading – don’t sit idle and make comments on Markets. You do not make any money if so. 

So don’t worry, just be a trader now.

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