Markets week ahead

Markets week ahead

Weekly markets ended positive and the same to continue in this week also.

Nifty weekly showing Bullish Engulfing big gains, which has made a higher high and higher low in its previous swing movement. Holding above the weekly low 15450 ( Swing low) is the key. Expect the Index to surpass 15901 further towards 19620.

On Daily, 15673 should protect. Further on the upside 16118 should be the ideal target within this week. That is wave iii of V of 5.

BankNifty has shown some strength in the previous week, breaking its wider sideways and momentum-less days. On weekly, we are in iii up of 5th, at 39260.

On daily Banknifty, 34520 swing low should protect further on the way up 35806 and then 37760.

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