Market is recovering gradually, are you in ?

Market is recovering gradually, are you in ?

The perfect environment is necessary for a trader in order to make profitable trades.

The recent selloff in global markets has impacted our markets too, but that doesn’t mean our markets are far behind recovery. It’s well known to every trader in the market that the gap down scenario for some days had given an equal opportunity to hunt and bet on good stocks.

The selloff (emotional) has triggered the opportunity to many value investors. Its witnessed that the stocks which were running successfully before the Budget (as well as the Global meltdown) have corrected much to their previous lows. The same scripts are now back into the game and doing well like a new release in Bollywood.

Let us understand that the basic structure of Indian Markets relies on good growth in corporate results (compared to liquidity scenario). The recent fall as well as recovery reminds me the scenario of 2008, but not as much losses compared to it. The market has already showered by good earnings, that can be the strong reason to just go and hunt our favorite stocks once again.

In markets, this time around, it looks like an investment cycle compared to that of a trading cycle. I am one among all the aspirants of becoming value investors (for wealth creation), was looking for quality (fundamentally) scripts with better price (doesn’t mean lower price).

My strong belief is that, let’s have big correction at least once in 5 years so that the Rich Investors (Professionally) take a break from markets and spend time with family and friends.

To our loyal customers, I appreciate your cooperation during the recent meltdown and sudden correction. Our team is equipped with all possible scenarios to face the markets in future. As I personally know that there are many trades went into losses after the recent increase in Volatility. the stocks that we have selected for our Investment Category (Investment Street) and Cash premium segment, are the ones going to outperform the Index returns in coming days.

Do understand that market is dynamic and once in a while this type of increased Volatility and Correction is evident in the History. But we still stand to ensure our Customers are satisfied with their trades.

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With best wishes to all investors and traders, I am signing off..

Santhosh Kumar V


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