Important Announcement

Important Announcement

Dear Loyal Customers ,

We are constantly working towards betterment of trades and easy order placement. To this effort , we are testing our existing Services with direct order placement .

Here is an update to everyone of you .

The research recommendations that we provide will contain TRADE NOW option along with the Link to place orders directly. Its still on TESTING mode.

Example SMS:

STOCK FUTURES : BUY HINDALCO19AUGFUT (QTY-3500) @ 178.55 TGT-180, 181 STOP-177.( 1 DAY) TRADE NOW: ( Short Link )

In the above SMS, you have to click on the Short link , and it will open another Order placement window ( Open in Google Chrome Browser ). There you can see ZERODHA & UPSTOX Trade Buttons. Select your Broker and Provide credentials to Login. The Order can be placed directly over there .


All the orders will be sent at MARKET ( Not LIMIT ) and REGULAR/SIMPLE order type . Kindly ensure you place orders at your convenient types . You can use CO/BO ( only for Cash Segment ). You can Modify your orders before placing it .

By default the Order will be placed at MARKET price , and NO stoploss/Target shall be considered as of now . Ensure you aware of how to place Targets and Stoploss.

As of now we are trying with ZERODHA & UPSTOX , we request traders from other Broking firm to take care of Orders separately .  We are working with all other Broking houses to get the trade buttons.

NOTE: In the next version of our Mobile App, we provide TRADE option directly from the Notifications . We are working on this.

We request you to share your feedback/issues to our Research team over WhatsApp and expect a response after market hours.

Happy Trading

Team Research- Streetgains

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