How to make money in Markets – A simple analysis

How to make money in Markets – A simple analysis

Dear Traders/ Simply readers/ Critics/Unknown to Streeetgains,

I heard there were some traders who constantly asking what is the best way to make money in stock markets .  The best answer to all of them is, simply trade the given advise . As simple as passing from LKG. Yes, its that simple to make money , followed by good research with a fair amount of accuracy .

Remember, you just have to beat the Inflation rate/FD interest rates/ Benchmark performances . That is enough to become a successful trader ( Apart from Learning the markets ).

I am just taking a real trading scenario and traders psychology from our own research desk . Listen , stop reading complicated Reports to understand which stock to Buy , and how to make money . I am explaining a simplest format now.

In the attachment , I have taken our research in STOCK FUTURES . the report attached is self explanatory.

As a trader, one must be ready to pass the FEAR points ( Stoplosses ) without any argument on markets or on Streetgains Research . The fact is that , you are forgetting 15 successful advises of BIG money minting traders. For a practical purpose, I have taken Profits at TARGET 1 ( Exited at Target 1 / Booked at that price ).


at fear 1 – Trader thinks that the given call was NOT good , that is okay, we accept it.

at fear 2- I traded with it and lost all money that I had , this is also fine, we do not say anything. 

at fear 3- Trader will lose confidence on our research , we cannot do anything here. 

at fear 4- Trader will write to Us saying ALL YOUR TRADES ARE LOSSES, HOW CAN I TRUST YOU .

Hey, I lost money because of your unprofessional recommendations

Hey, I do research better than you . Ask your CEO to call me

Hey, I can give you a good trade , ask your CEO to take me for Research

Why the hell you gave such a worst call ??

We will not SUBSCRIBE to your Services .

Oh GOD, that is not enough, the frustrated trader goes to all Social Media platforms to spread bad about our Research , In fact he/she will ask others who do not even know about trading to give bad reviews .

I understand all the above scenarios perfectly . I have some advise with my experience,

  1. Take the trade first , result is a probability . Our team knows it.
  2. Be ready to pass all the Fear points mentioned. The one who is very composed during fear points, will make good returns in the market
  3. Be a trader, not a gambler asking for SURE SHOT calls ( Impossible to anyone in this world )
  4. Just look at the P/L by the end your Services, provided you have traded all our calls perfectly
  5. Its more than enough even if you take 75% of the trades perfectly
  6. Stop arguing with market / with an analyst .


29 trades, 25 were successful , 86% accuracy, 3,200/- profit per trade , Total profits ( @ target 1 ) is around 92,833/-

Is 92,800/- not sufficient for you to take our Services ?

Assume 50% of that, 41,000/- is not sufficient ??

Our FEE : 6500/- ( GST Applicable ) for 45 Successful trades. Now in the above , you have spent around 25 Credits. Still 20 Credits pending . Assume average profit in the next 20 Credits would be another 40,000/- . ( Read more about Credits here: )

So for 45 credits you made 80,000/- profit by paying 6500/- 

The advantage :

1. Credits , that applies only for Successful trades . We are the pioneers in it . 

2. Order placement directly from App Notification ( 1st time in Indian Advisory Services )

I am very helpless, if the above explanation is not convinced you to become a successful trader.



Santhosh Kumar V

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