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TRADING STREET – For Professional Traders
INVESTMENT STREET- For professional Investors
COMMODITY STREET- For Commodity Traders

Select your services here

For example- Professional Traders who selected TRADING STREET need to select Category of Service. So, you have three categories viz., Normal, Premium and Premium Plus. Similarly you have INVESTMENT STREET and COMMODITY STREET

For the convenience of all type of investors and traders, we provide different Service packages in all Service categories.

For example, in TRADING STREET under NORMAL STREET (Service Category), you will find Service Packages starting from 1 month to 12 months. Similarly for INVESTMENT STREET and COMMODITY STREET

Note- in INVESTMENT STREET we don’t have 1 month Service Package, as we know that the time frame of Investment starts from minimum 1 month to maximum of several years.

Since we believe that most of the Investors and Traders have basic hand set to receive and make payment, we consider ONLINE payment option which is said to be easy and quick to process.

For those who do not wish to transfer online, please get BANK DETAILS here and deposit the amount respectively for your Package.

Note- For cash deposits, activation of your service takes minimum of 12 hrs. Once amount is deposited to our bank, kindly send an email to support@streetgains.in along with Your Name, Mobile Number, Subscription package and Reference Number. Please allow us some time to process your subscription after your email.

Our system makes necessary action automatically (Well, we have eliminated human interference to make things faster and accurate). So, just wait for the process to come into action based on set time parameters.

Once amount paid is confirmed from our service provider, we immediately activate your subscription.

Upon activation please ensure that you receive an email and SMS confirmation simultaneously as details provided by you.

In the same email, you are noticed with subscription expiry date as well. So, kindly ensure you fall within activation in order to receive research from us.

We are not here to sell out all our Services in a single day. Well, it is a business but within our ethical standards

We do consider some Offers and Discounts on some occasions, but may not be so frequently. So, any offers and discounts, shall be updated to you.

We believe that the investing and trading community need an up to date Knowledge on markets. Either trading or investing, both needs some training and understanding of money management skills.

We announce the date and venue for training that combines both New comers as well as Existing customers. So, the benefit is that, our existing customers may get some discount for training if there are any charges. This will be well communicated to our Clients

We listen to your suggestions. Kindly suggest us in what way we need to serve you and we will try to make it possible for you. We read your stories to understand you better.

Write to us at suggestions@streetgains.in


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