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who we are

Streetgains (Stock market Research with Entry Exit for Targeting Gains) is a tactical research firm focused on the full spectrum of Indian equity and commodity markets. Our work is applicable to both relative investors and traders and targets active portfolio management with a normal investment horizon ranging from several weeks to many months. However, this awareness of shorter term flows and risk factors does not mean that our insights are limited to the short term; many of our research work useful for perspectives over multiple quarters or years.

Our research respects the reality of the competitive nature of financial markets; we know that nothing is certain and that markets are only predictable within the bounds of statistics and probability and which are supported by fundamental, technical and psychological factors. Within those bounds, we work hard to give our Street customers an important perspective and a significant edge. Our work is immediately actionable, while maintaining a depth that allows it to be incorporated into our clients’ own investment processes. Because our research uses different tools and presents a significantly different perspective from other technical work, it can be a largely uncorrelated input with a significant edge to our client’s investment and trading process.

Meet our Research Head

Our approach

Though much of our work is focused on market structure and price action, we reject many of the traditional tools of stock investments. The reason for this is simple: most of the common practice investment tools do not show a verifiable statistical edge in the market. We use fundamental tools for investments and technical analysis and trading systems to show a verifiable edge in real trading. While we strive for absolute performance in all market regimes, we also know that no magic formulas exist and that success depends, to a large extent, on disciplined application of a verified process. We believe that in order to consistently outperform, it is necessary to recognize paradigm shifts and to apply the right tools at the right time.

Our research concept

The formation of Streetgains is based on the pros and cons of research in Indian markets and people who play in. In order to balance structural methodologies to ensure the best service with lots of ethical research standards. We do understand that, it’s not only our best research that gives best out of the market to make decent returns, but also the emotional quotient of all investors and traders who believe in our approach.

Though all modules of research are the quality in itself, we stand firm to distribute it to the end customers that carries very nominal charges. So only we believe in top notch research at best price in order to benefit the crowd. It is believed that there is a biased human interference in choosing significant stocks.

Our price concept

As our approach is to deliver top notch research with core modules and approaches, the cost of preparing with quality time spent on each recommendation is the best to the traders and investors community. Understanding the requirements and crowd behavior in each segment of our research modules, simply we call it as “Street price”. We worked out on the pricing structure of the Street to ensure competitive hence best in Indian markets. So only our different modules and segments have lower prices fixed up ensuring long run disciplined trading and investment relationships. We do welcome our Street customers to propose us on pricing which we look forward to implement the same in later due course.

Our Philosophy

Key points in our Trading and investment approach:

  • Markets are very close to efficient. It is exceedingly difficult to make money trading. To do it is essential to have an edge in the market, and to apply that edge with discipline. Risk is the ever-present companion of opportunity; there is no opportunity without risk. The first job of any trading methodology must be effective risk management.
  • Risk is the ever-present companion of opportunity; there is no opportunity without risk. first job of any trading methodology must be effective risk management.
  • Behavioural factors are very important. On a large scale, investors have had similar reactions to risk, opportunity, and volatility in markets since, literally, the beginning of recorded market history. On a smaller scale, individual traders, asset managers, and even firms are vulnerable to emotionally-driven errors. The importance of discipline and psychological balance cannot be underestimated.
  • We believe that intuition and discretion have a place in the investment process, but they must be tempered and informed by a rigid statistical framework..
  • Any analytical approach can only give a probabilistic tilt to the future direction of prices and/or volatility. Fundamental analysis, macro analysis, economics, models, technical analysis, and any other analytical tools only work within the framework of probability. Nothing is certain in any market at any time.
  • Most things that most people believe work in the market simply do not work. It is vitally important to have a disciplined process that has a verifiable edge.
  • Our unique way. To give best out of day trading recommendations, we do understand the context of market psychology related to individual stock performance. For betterment of entry and exit, we follow our own methods and systems of day trading.


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